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About me

I am Master Alecs, 29 years old, based in London Marylebone NW1

Nationality: Hungarian

Height: 180 cm
Weight: 72 Kg
Build: Muscular

Cock: 8" UNCUT
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Eyes: Brown
Feet Size: 43
Body Hair: fully shaved (Smooth)

     When someone asks why they should choose me as their BDSM Master, it's crucial to understand that my approach is rooted in respect, discretion, professionalism, and deep understanding.

     Experience and Expertise: I've gained significant experience and knowledge in the realm of BDSM over the years. I ensure anyone in my care feels they're with someone who understands the dynamics deeply.

     Safety First: My foremost priority is safety. I always set up safe words, discussed physical and psychological limits beforehand, and ensured my equipment and play spaces were impeccably clean.

     Trustworthiness: I recognize the immense trust clients place in me. I value and protect that trust by respecting boundaries and maintaining discretion.

     Professionalism: I uphold a high standard of professionalism in every interaction, from clear communication about rates and services to providing necessary aftercare.

     Adaptability: Every client is unique, and I pride myself on catering to various fantasies, limits, and desires.

     Aftercare: I deeply understand the importance of aftercare. I believe that it's often as crucial as the session itself.

     Clear Boundaries: I am transparent about my own limits, ensuring there are no misunderstandings. This clarity ensures both parties are on the same page.

     Emotional Intelligence: I've honed my skills in reading and responding to non-verbal cues, and I consistently check in and communicate throughout a session.

     Good Reputation: Over the years, I've built a reputation that speaks for itself. Only check my videos on Twitter. There are over 1200.

     Physical Fitness: I maintain my physical fitness because some aspects of BDSM require stamina and strength. It's both for the experience and safety.

     Equipment: I take pride in my collection of high-quality, sanitized equipment and the safe play spaces I provide.

     Ongoing Learning: BDSM is ever-evolving, and I'm committed to continuous learning and refining my skills to offer the best experiences.


When I'm engaging in any activity, I always take the steps necessary to safeguard the physical and psychological well-being of everyone involved. 


I was born an extrovert with a dominant attitude and learned how to lead and guide over time! However, in daily life, I am a sociable guy with a sense of humour who loves to travel, read, laugh, connect, and work out. I enjoy outstanding food and wine, warm places, and good music, but I also enjoy significant, meaningful fun!


Welcome to the world of BDSM!


What is BDSM?

BDSM is an umbrella term for a variety of sexual preferences and predilections involving erotic domination, submission, pain, and surrender. These may include bondage, flagellation, and role play. The term is made up of the first letters of Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism. This activity is based on mutual pleasure and the consent of everyone involved. The golden rule here is safe, sane, and consensual play. Alternatively, you can put it like this: sex with elements of S&M is an erotic, relaxing, and voluntary experience. Can acting out your fantasies of submission during our session make you feel as if you've just been on vacation? Yes, it can. BDSM can create a physically and psychologically safe space and a great connection where we define the rules.


The great thing about BDSM is that it is a hot pastime with an almost unlimited range of possibilities. You can take all the time you want – one hour, twelve, or even an entire weekend- and never be bored for a second. So if you're tired of quickies or just going through the whole fuck, lick, suck, rinse, and repeat routine, which is generally over and done with after an hour or two. BDSM offers an endless range of possibilities. The main focus is to teach you the playful aspects of BDSM, particularly those that are best suited to elevating your sexual experiences to another temporal and emotional level. This takes place, first and foremost, in your brain, the largest sexual organ in the human body, for this is where all the sensations that constitute a great fuck come together. The thrill of BDSM consists of the entire process involved, the trappings, not the sex in and of itself.

Getting to know each other, finding out what turns you on, exploring boundaries, developing your rituals, anticipating an upcoming date, the events that have already been determined, or just speculating about it can be very arousing. Pain is a distinct element of BDSM. The experience of pain is highly subjective; it varies from person to person. Even a minimally painful stimulus can be effective. Playing with different degrees of pain can be both stimulating and arousing and frequently plays a significant role in BDSM and waiting for the pain. It's an announcement. It's execution. The strain of keeping up the suspense can get you high. This results from an increased release of the hormones adrenaline and endorphins. Have you ever experienced that?


About our SESSION

Erotic play with BDSM elements takes place during a fixed time within the session. Before these sessions, specific rules that regulate the period and the scope of action are negotiated. Moreover, once the session is over, everyday life's "normal" rules are back in play. This opens up a time frame during each session in which you can focus consciously on what is going on right now. The session length will depend on your personal preferences and current mood. But it doesn't make more sense to schedule less than 2 hours. And if a session is scorching and enjoyable, and you never want it to be over, it might last for hours or even days. You can take breaks to rest or sleep between. Or, if you like, you can keep running the session nonstop all night in a rush of sensations. You can use some "enhancements" for this purpose, but you can ruin the moment if you are too greedy for a great kick and more thrills.

NOTE: Preliminary arrangements for a session can be made via chat. Everything else can be cleared up face to face!


 MASTER -Pleasure and Responsibility

The internet has made it much easier for everyone to find a MASTER with whom you act out even your most extravagant sexual preferences. Many profiles or websites give an excellent identification of what's on the "menu." But the hard and brutal truth is that you can't get what you want if you don't say what you want. And a good Master is hard to find. There's a reason for that: taking responsibility for another human being, which is what a Master-slave relationship entails, places very high demands on a man. Most people generally try out this division of roles for a single session. This then follows the same procedure as a sadomasochist relationship. If it works well for both of us, this can lead to a genuine long-term relationship in which I, the Master, exercise complete control over you, the slave. However, many fantasies, whether they involve passionate sex in the bedroom, assigning a slave his daily duties or taking control over his bank account, frequently fall afoul of reality sooner or later.

A less rigid and more easily implemented version involves acting out the role of the Master in repeated sessions, in which I can gradually train you, my slave, to fulfil my desires and satisfy my needs. You can pick up every session at the level you left off and try to progress further every time. This generally results in repeated sadomasochistic sessions. However, because these sessions allow us to build up trust, this opens up new dimensions, especially during quieter moments. These are no longer just breaks between one fucking, torturing, beating, and whipping action and the next; we can go ahead and cuddle for a while without calling my Master authority into question!


A good DOM should be sensitive as well as determined. A good Dom or Master should find the right balance between determination and empathy during a session. His self-control should also be highly developed, for if the rush of power overcomes him, this usually spells the end of any shared pleasure. To prevent this from happening, we should agree on specific rules beforehand.


My duties:

I always care for my slave's physical and mental health, not to leave any visible traces on the slave's hands or face. The main point is that I take responsibility towards my slave seriously!



Dedication means concentrating on the here and now. I will not allow you to be distracted; you must focus on the moment. This is a technique you can learn, and I will guide you! Moreover, dedication is an essential part of BDSM if you want to experience new dimensions of pleasure and satisfaction through sex and BDSM. You, the submissive, give the gift of patience, time, and control over your greed to Me, the Master.

As a professional, your deep wishes and fantasies will be shaped into reality during our sessions. I'm a fit and well-looking man (I take good care of my body and diet); I am always in a good mood, open to chat before our session, ready to share my ideas about the best session we can have together, delivering over expectation, guiding you during the journey, constantly pushing and setting new boundaries with my sub's and getting the most out of our time together.


In my day-by-day life, I am an outgoing guy with a great sense of humour who likes to socialise, laugh, enjoy good fun but great meaningful fun and appreciate the best things in life. 

I am easily accessible in Central London Marylebone, where you can use the tube or the train station to arrive at my location. I am 2 minutes from Marylebone station, 3 minutes from Edgware Road Tube, 5 minutes from Baker Street tube, and 8 minutes from Paddington Tube or Train Station.


How to get the most out of our sessions:


First: notice from time. It's better to schedule from time than on short notice, but if that is not possible, I understand it, and I will do my best to synchronise.

Second:  communication. Let me know everything you want to try or are into—the more, the better and the kinkier, the better. Also, very important don't get too enthusiastic about it. Let me know if there are some health issues or anything you are aware of worth mentioning.

Third, I know that we all come from different backgrounds with different experiences in life, but being respectful with the right approach is a plus.

While rules are an essential part of BDSM, sticking to the rules can sometimes get a bit boring. If we both know each other well, then the rules are sometimes made to be broken!



My blood tests are updated once every three months, and I am negative for everything.

Please do not ask about bareback and things involving blood; I'm not into it.


Your privacy and discretion are paramount!

Thank you for your time!

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