UK banks- payment must be made at least 6 hours before our session.

 International transfers - use the best option available, TransferWise.

(to register will take you only 90sec.)

The funds must be sent at least 1 day before our session.

BTC and ETN - Accepted!


96h-£10000 (International & Europe)

72h-£7500 (International & Europe) 

48h-£5000 ( Europe only)

12h- £2500 Overnight (Europe only)

* for travelling sessions, a 50% deposit + travel costs (flight tickets, commutes and accommodation if necessary) are required. Contact me for more details!

*keep in mind that if we have a session booked together and you cancel it on last minute, to reschedule a 50% deposit is required!

Incall :

10h-£ 2500

9h- £2250

8h- £2000

7h- £1750

6h- £1500

5h- £1250

 4h- £ 1000 #one of the most popular ( note* if you pay with Bitcoin or Electroneum you get 1 hour extra for this pack only)

3h- £ 750 

2h- £ 500

1h- £ 250 

Overnight 8pm-6am £2500 


* For everything else, ask!